You Belong in Birmingham Legion FC Match

Cheer on Legion FC with You Belong in Birmingham! $10/person Spots are limited! *You Belong in Birmingham is a program of the Birmingham Jewish Federation that engages young Jewish adults between 21 and 40 Register Below<!-- If you embed multiple forms on your page, only copy one of the lines. Otherwise, multiple copies of the form will appear.--><div data-blackbaud-registration-form data-blackbaud-registration-form-envid="p-6y7bAPB6cE6nVgL2Gevslw" data-blackbaud-registration-form-id="3cad03e8-471d-4e94-8699-f310573004f6" data-blackbaud-registration-form-zone="usa" data-blackbaud-registration-form-header-height="0"> <!-- If your page has a header/overlay, then you can set this 'data-blackbaud-registration-form-header-height' value to your header height so that the payment form will scroll to the proper location when opened. -->