Annual Federation & Foundation Awards

Each year, the Federation and Foundation honor exceptional community volunteers for the great work they do to strengthen Jewish Birmingham at the Federation’s Annual Meeting.

Past Recipients

N. E. Miles Lifetime Achievement Award

The Birmingham Jewish Foundation presents a major award named for the late Dr. Nathan E. Miles who exhibited a lifetime of philanthropy and devotion to our Jewish community and the general community.

In 1991, the N. E. Miles Lifetime Achievement Award was established by The Birmingham Jewish Foundation to honor exceptional individuals who met two criteria:

  • Establishment of a Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment (PACE) Fund to endow their yearly
    Birmingham Jewish Federation commitment
  • A long history of leadership giving to the annual Birmingham Jewish Federation Campaign

1991 Dr. Nathan Miles*

1992 Charlotte & Max* Corenblum

1993 Judy* & Harold Abroms

1994 Elaine* & Arnold* Royal

1995 Jimmie* & Emil* Hess

1996 Betty Allenberg Goldstein*

1997 Micky & Stanley Rubenstein

1998 Suzanne & Howard Bearman

1999 Bernice Barstein*

2000 James Sokol

2001 Marian & Myron* Radwin

2005 Micky & Stanley Rubenstein

2006 Melba* & Abe* Epsman

2008 Gladys* & Karl* Friedman

2009 Faye & Norris* Friedman

2010 Ruth* & Marvin* Engel

2011 Pat Weil

2012 Sherron & Allan Goldstein

2013 Ginger & Jerry Held

2014 Louise & Jim Abroms

2015 Cynthia & Raymond Tobias

2016 Sherri & David Romanoff

2017 Edward Goldberg

2019 Harold Apolinsky*

2021 Rhonda* and Eric Siegel

2023 Adrienne and Julian Brook

*of blessed memory

Susan J. Goldberg Distinguished Volunteer Award

Susan, an outstanding Jewish community volunteer leader, died in 2005 at the age of 52 while serving as Birmingham Jewish Federation president. The award was established in 2006 in Susan’s memory to recognize community volunteers who represent the qualities, commitment, and traits Susan exemplified during her years of community work. Nominees should reflect significant leadership ability and a high level of volunteer involvement. They also should be people who have made a broad and lasting impact on the Jewish community through their volunteer service.


2006 Ginger Held

2007 Melba Epsman

2008 Maury Shevin

2009 Amy Saag

2010 Melba Epsman

2011 Lisa Engel

2012 Randi Landy

2013 Jimmy Filler

2014 Sheryl Kimerling

2015 Richard Pizitz, Jr.

2016 Cynthia Tobias

2017 Jerry Held

2018 Ronne Hess

2019 Susan Greene

2020 Fran Godchaux

2021 David Sher

2022 Stephen Greene/Joel Piassick

2023 Sheri Krell

*of blessed memory

Joanie Plous Bayer Young Leadership Award

Joanie was an incredible young leader in our community. She was involved in many activities in our community and her dedication to the Jewish people, Israel, and the community inspired an entire generation. She was a recipient of the award and it was named in her honor when she passed away.

The recipient must be 40 years of age or younger and proven to be an outstanding volunteer for the Birmingham Jewish Federation in addition to any of our other community agencies. When submitting a nomination, you must include why you feel the person is worthy of this recognition.

Previous Honorees
Joel Rotenstreich
Micky Rubenstein
Harry Bayer
Joanie Bayer*

1985 Donald Hess

1986 Steven Brickman

1987 Heidi Damsky

1988 Ronne Hess

1989 Martin Damsky

1990 Alan Engel

1991 Susan C. Greene

1992 Stephen J. Greene

1993 Susan Goldberg

1994 Lisa R. Engel

1995 Barbara J. Aland

1996 Ronald A. Levitt

1997 Steven B. Corenblum

1998 Caryn Corenblum

1999 Cynthia Culpeper*

2000 Susan Lapidus

2001 Bradley Sklar

2002 David Kahn

2002 Sheri Krell

2003 Jim Tolbert

2004 Lauren Schwartz

2005 Karen Nomberg*

2006 Karen Nomberg*

2007 Randi Landy

2008 Bernard Nomberg

2009 Bernard Nomberg

2010 Dan Weinrib

2011 Hilary Gewant

2012 Layne Held

2013 Drew Weil

2014 Andy Saag

2015 Rabbi Eytan Yammer

2015 Rabbi Elizabeth Bahar

2016 Victoria Kimerling

2016 Natalie Solomon

2017 Jahan Berns

2018 Robin Bromberg

2019 Jesse Unkenholz

2020 Isa Dorsky

2021 Carlie Stein Somerville

2022 Andrea Haines

2023 Sarah Schaffer

*of blessed memory