Partnership2Gether (P2G)

Letters From Rosh Ha’ayin

Since the attack on October 7th, we have been in close contact with those in Rosh Ha’ayin. Click the button below to read letters from our friends in Israel as they share their thoughts and experiences. 

What is p2g?

Partnership2Gether (P2G) Global Network, is a network for the promotion, empowerment and development of deep connections, which strengthens Jewish communities in Israel and worldwide by creating revitalized, ongoing and meaningful engagement based on mutual endeavor and shared Jewish identity.

Partnership2Gether connects 300 Jewish communities around the world in 43 partnerships. Each partnership provides opportunities for communities to connect, and for interpersonal relationships to flourish. Through hands-on projects and personal interactions that engage thousands of Israelis and Jews each year, individuals and communities across the world learn from one another and experience the enriching reciprocal benefits of being part of the global Jewish family.

Birmingham is in partnership with Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel and New Orleans, Louisiana.

History of Rosh Ha’ayin

Rosh Ha’ayin was founded in 1949. Rosh Ha’ayin’s population is made up mostly of Yemenite Jews brought over through “Operation Magic Carpet”. Officially called “Operation On Wings of Eagles,” this process brought over 45,000 Jews from Yemen into Israel by 1950. Agents bought British and American transport planes in secret for the Operation and pilots made 380 flights from the port city of Aden, Yemen.

Today, Rosh Ha’ayin is a large and thriving modern city with high-rises dotting the skyline. Although Rosh Ha’ayin is no longer a Yemenite city, it still has Yemenite roots but with a more diverse population. Rosh Ha’ayin is known for music, food, and technology.


The Birmingham Jewish Community’s Connection to Rosh Ha’ayin

1981: Project Renewal paired developing cities in Israel with U.S. cities. Birmingham was paired with Rosh Ha’ayin

2000: Partnership2000 (P2K) developed out of Project Renewal

2005: Birmingham signs sister city agreement with Rosh Ha’ayin

2007: The Kimerling Community Center in Rosh Ha’ayin was renovated and rededicated

2021: P2G joins together the sister cities of Rosh Ha’ayin in Israel, New Orleans, Louisiana, and our own Birmingham. Each Partnership is led by a joint steering committee composed of volunteers in all three communities dedicated to the creation of ongoing, unique programs, building relationships amongst our communities, Israel education and visits between our cities.

2024: P2G Joint Steering Committee met in Birmingham, AL to plan future programming 


2023 Young Leadership participants in Rosh Ha’ayin

2022 Momentum participants visiting Rosh Ha’ayin

2023 Young Leadership participants in Rosh Ha’ayin

2024 Rosh Ha’ayin visit to Birmingham 

2008 Birmingham delegation in Rosh Ha’ayin

2022 Momentum trip

2023 Young Leadership Participants in Rosh Ha’ayin

Watch a recording of recent zoom meetings between Rosh Ha'ayin, Birmingham, and New Orleans

October 22, 2023: A multi-generational panel from Rosh Ha’ayin speaks about life currently in Israel post the October 7th attack by Hamas.

November 19, 2023:a panel of young adults speak on different aspects of what younger people have experienced during the war. 

March 8, 2024: International Women’s Day Candle Lighting