Mahjong Open Play

Levite Jewish Community Center 3960 Monteclair Road, Birmingham, Alabama, United States

Mahjong brings fun and fellowship and is open to members and non-members. Lunch can be ordered and delivered by Tara at Bo's Kosher Cafe.

Prayer Gathering for the Release of Captives – TEE

Temple Emanu-El 2100 Highland Ave, Birmingham, AL, United States

It is a custom in Judaism to pray for the release of captives. On Friday evenings, we will gather in the Hess Chapel to read the over 200 names we have of those being held since October 7, and offer a prayer for their release. All are welcome.

Torah Study – TEE

Temple Emanu-El 2100 Highland Ave, Birmingham, AL, United States

Join us to study Torah with Rabbi Wright and Cantor Wittner.

Friendly Visitor Social @ EP


Join CJFS Friendly Visitor volunteers at Episcopal Place to play games, create art, tell stories, and socialize! Who can volunteer? *Adults, teens, and/or children, accompanied by parent or adult *must have completed Friendly Visitor training at CJFS (contact to schedule your training) Bring a bag lunch and drink and enjoy complimentary desserts from CJFS! PLEASE RSVP to or 205-278-7101.


Taking Action Together: “Rethinking Our Behavior Online: Hit Backspace on Hate” with Trisha Prabhu


Join Trisha Prabhu, Founder and CEO of anti-cyberbullying initiative ReThink, for a conversation about online hate and how can promote safer, kinder, more inclusive digital interactions. ReThink is a patented, globally acclaimed app that proactively stops cyberbullying, before the damage is done. The technology has been named one of Google Play’s Most Innovative Apps and shared with youth around the world. For her efforts, Trisha/ReThink have been featured on the TED stage, at The White House, and on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list (among others!). In this program, Trisha will discuss the most pressing digital harms today’s youth face and how youth can tackle these challenges and build healthy, safe relationships online. In particular, she will talk to youth about the power of ReThinking, or taking a moment to pause, review, and reconsider before texting or posting something online. Trisha will show how, by putting criticality at the forefront of their interactions, youth can ensure that their digital experience is rooted in positivity and kindness — not hate. Trisha will also offer attendees her top tips on being a responsible digital citizen, sharing key digital literacy insights that are crucial to thrive in the internet age.