Please know that if you have experienced or witnessed an act of antisemitism, you can contact the JCRC directly at or call 205.879.0416 rather than complete this form. The Jewish Community Relations Council of the Birmingham Jewish Federation provides a place to report and help resolve incidents of antisemitism in our schools and community.

If you have experienced or witnessed an incident of antisemitism please fill out the form below. We will maintain confidentiality and not share information without your permission unless there is imminent danger requiring action. If this is an emergency, please dial 911. We will maintain the strictest of confidentiality and pledge to address and handle the situation with the utmost of sensitivity.

The JCRC believes that by gathering this information, we will help shine a light on incidents of hate, bias and discrimination and prompt school systems and civic organizations to take steps to reduce antisemitic or insensitive behaviors through policy, annual training, programs, and by requiring accountability when these incidents occur.

Fill in the form below if:

• You are the victim of antisemitic harassment or vandalism.

• You have personal knowledge of antisemitic harassment or vandalism.

We will contact you to gather more information as needed. Please know the information you send to us is strictly confidential.

Antisemitic Incident Report

I am reporting this issue because:
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Please include as much detail as you would like to share, (when/where/what happened). Please include any actions you or others have taken as a result of the incident.
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    I agree to the following terms and conditions of the JCRC of the Birmingham Jewish Federation with respect to my report:

    I acknowledge that the role of the JCRC is limited and the JCRC professional will contact me before taking any direct action with respect to my complaint. For purposes of the reporting form, “further action” means contacting the person or entity against whom the complaint was made with my consent, and gathering additional facts and information surrounding the complaint.

    I understand that the JCRC cannot assert any claims from monetary charges or restitution on my behalf. The JCRC cannot act as my legal representative or provide me with legal advice. The JCRC cannot make promises if guaranteed as to the outcome of my complaint.

    How will the JCRC use this information?

    The professional staff will attempt to verify or corroborate all incidents. We respect all requests for anonymity. We will maintain confidentiality unless there is an agreement to reveal the identities of the people involved. We will refrain from publishing or otherwise making available the names of individual victims or perpetrators. This policy may exclude public figures or comments made in the public domain.

    The JCRC will intervene only as mutually agreed upon with the complainant and will communicate any follow-up actions with the reporting party. The JCRC will use reported incidents to prepare and distribute an annual audit of Birmingham-area antisemitic incidents to our Jewish community and national organizations as deemed appropriate. This information will be used to develop future educational and outreach programming to combat antisemitic activity in our community.

    Questions? Contact the JCRC at