Mahjong Open Play

Levite Jewish Community Center 3960 Monteclair Road, Birmingham

Mahjong brings fun and fellowship and is open to members and non-members. Lunch can be ordered and delivered by Tara at Bo's Kosher Cafe.

Screening of “Oy to the World”

Levite Jewish Community Center 3960 Monteclair Road, Birmingham

Oy to the World is the story of Sally, a 10-year-old girl whose one wish is to celebrate a memorable Hanukkah despite her Grandmother Jessica’s desire to make Hanukkah as big or bigger than Christmas in the Bible Belt. Will Jessica succeed or will Sally’s youthful ingenuity and courage come to the rescue? RSVP HERE  Read more about this year’s Hanukkah at The J…

Lights and Latkes

Cahaba Brewing

The young Jewish Adult event of the year is back!   Join us at Cahaba Brewing on December 7th for You Belong in Birmingham's "Lights and Latkes" (previously called the Matzah Ball)!   Tickets include: 2 drink tickets, Chanukah treats, caricatures, raffle prizes, and more!    (function(d, s) { var js, el = d.getElementsByTagName(s); window.BB_REG_FORM_ID = "abef3f7e-9f30-4667-9897-43238097b957"; window.BB_REG_FORM_ENVIRONMENT_ID = "p-6y7bAPB6cE6nVgL2Gevslw"; window.BB_REG_FORM_HEADER_HEIGHT = 0; // If your page has a header/overlay, then you can set this value to your header height so that the payment form will scroll to the proper location when opened. js = d.createElement(s); js.src = ""; el.parentNode.insertBefore(js, el);})(document, "script");