Summer Beit Midrash: How Does This Week’s Parsha Apply to You and Me?


Join here:        At Passover Rabbi  Norry reminded us that the Torah is not history, it is our  lives. Summer 2022 will        continue this discussion as each Thursday we read selected verses (in English ) from the week’s Parsha and discuss how its theme applies to us and our lives.  […]

HOW? The Philosophy and Psychology of Nazi Propaganda


As the 2022 Siegler Fellow, Samford philosophy major, Gracie Van Orden chose to research and create a presentation on Nazi propaganda. In her presentation, Gracie seeks to understand the intellectual climate surrounding the Holocaust by researching the roots of Nazi ideology and grappling with its tragic consequences. Sources for her research include unique artifacts from […]

Tzofim La’atid (Looking to the Future): A Sneak Peek Event Supporting the Beth El Civil Rights Experience

Temple Beth-El 2179 Highland Avenue, Birmingham

Register HERE. Tzofim La'atid is the kick-off fundraiser for the Beth El Civil Rights Experience. While admission is free, please consider donating towards the development of the Beth El Civil Rights Experience. Temple Beth El invites you to Tzofim La’Atid (Looking to the Future), a sneak peek event to help us build the Beth El Civil Rights […]

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