Rockets & Rock Music From Israel Come To Bham

    Rockets & Rock Music From Israel Come To Bham
    This week, the Birmingham community will have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to live in Southern Israel, amid nearly constant rocket attacks and threats from across the border.
    On Wednesday, April 5, University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Institute for Human Rights will be showing Rock in the Red Zone, a personal view from the ground on the frontlines in Sderot, Israel. The film depicts an endless war and a powerful exploration into the lives and art of musicians struggling to create in a conflict zone.
    Searching for a story about music, filmmaker Laura Bialis encounters a creative community in Sderot that captivates her and changes the course of her life. Rock in the Red Zone demonstrates the power of artistic creation to transcend even the most challenging circumstances. 
    “I want to bring [to viewers] the intensity, the tumult, the crazy, creative energy that’s coming out of this place,” Laura explains. “Sderot, as much as it’s in the periphery, is a symbol of Israel.”
    The documentary will be shown at UAB’s Campbell Hall 405 at 6 pm on Wednesday, April 5. On Thursday, April 6, Temple Emanu-El will be screening the documentary at 7:00 pm. Both programs will include a question and answer session with Laura. 
    This opportunity is being funded through the Honan Torah Study Fund of the Grafman Endowment Fund of Temple Emanu-El, the Next Generation Fund at Temple Emanu-El, UAB’s Institute of Human Rights, the Cy Steiner Fund of the Birmingham Jewish Foundation, and the Birmingham Jewish Federation. 

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