Community Bonding

    October 20, 2017

    Each year, The Birmingham Jewish Foundation, with support from our Community, conducts a drive to raise money to buy a large Israel bond for the Foundation. A donor may make a tax-deductible contribution of any amount to one of the many existing Foundation funds in an amount equivalent to a bond.  With a gift of …..

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    Jerry Held, Jahan Berns To Be Honored By BJF

    July 21, 2017

    Distinguished Volunteer, Young Leadership Awards Announced Jerry Held (left) and Jahan Berns (right) will be two of the award recipients at BJF’s Annual Community Event in the fall. A veteran and gifted volunteer leader and a rising young volunteer star will be honored by the Birmingham Jewish Federation at our annual community event this fall. …..

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    Federations Help Syria During Time Of Crisis

    December 20, 2016

      Photo is of the damage in Aleppo, Syria. (Photo: Times Of Israel) Federations Help Syria During Time Of Crisis In the past several days, the conflict in Syria has been on many of our minds. As heartbreaking pictures flash across our television screens, many have wondered how to help.  As a Jewish community, we …..

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    Year-End Tips From The Bham Jewish Foundation

    November 29, 2016

      Year-End Tips From  The Bham Jewish Foundation By Sally Friedman,  Birmingham Jewish Foundation Executive Director  Year-end is often the best time to consider financial and tax planning strategies. And, after this year’s election, it may be more important than ever to meet with your advisors to review your investment portfolio and consider tax, financial …..

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    Reflecting On Israel & Turkey Six Years Later

    July 6, 2016

    Reflecting On Israel & Turkey Six Years Later By Daniel Odrezin, BJF Asst. Executive Director  In May of 2010, I was tasked with writing my first “breaking news” story for Update.  I was then a law student at the University of Alabama serving as an intern at the Birmingham Jewish Federation.  The focus of the …..

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    Alabama Visit Convinces Doubting Mom Tuscaloosa’s Great Place For Daughter

    April 12, 2016

    Alabama Visit Convinces Doubting Mom Tuscaloosa’s Great Place For Daughter By Richard Friedman, BJF Executive Director It was a great Shabbat dinner. I got to talk about two of my favorite subjects: the Birmingham Jewish community and University of Alabama football. Joining my wife Sally and me at our home for our weekly Friday night dinner were two …..

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    Alabama, Auburn Football Poses Update’s Greatest Challenge

    January 1, 2016

    Alabama, Auburn Football Poses Update’s Greatest Challenge  By Richard Friedman, BJF Executive Director  In undergraduate school, I was a journalism minor (English major).  I have a master’s degree in journalism. I was a graduate teaching assistant in journalism.  I worked nine years as a professional journalist, including five at the Birmingham News where I was a reporter and …..

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    Older Donor Befriends & Inspires

    December 18, 2015

    Older Donor Befriends & Inspires By Richard Friedman, BJF Executive Director As I move through my 60s, I find myself studying people in their 80s, wondering what I will be like when I reach their age. Will I be relatively healthy? Someone people like to talk to? Someone who has retained his zest for life? There’s …..

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    Reaching Out To England’s Birmingham

    November 12, 2015

    Reaching Out To England’s Birmingham A disturbing article appeared in the Jerusalem Post about intense anti-Semitism at England’s Birmingham University.  Every reflection of the growing anti-Semitism plaguing the Jewish people affects those of us at the Birmingham Jewish Federation deeply. But this incident touches us in particular because of our shared name with the city …..

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    The New, Improved Update Coming This Week

    September 16, 2015

    By Samantha Dubrinsky, BJF, Director of Community Impact & Special Projects For the past several months, The Birmingham Jewish Federation has been undergoing quite the transformation. We hope you have noticed, but if you haven’t, you will definitely notice before the week is over! We have decided that it is important for us to ramp …..

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