Auburn Reacts To Hate Fliers, White Supremacy, Anti-Semitism


    Image is of the anit-Semitic flier that was placed around Auburn’s campus.

    Auburn Reacts To Hate Fliers, White Supremacy, Anti-Semitism 

    White supremacist and well-known anti-Semite Richard Spencer is set to give a talk on Auburn University’s campus next week, according to reports. 

    Spencer confirmed the event in a video posted on Twitter, explaining he will be speaking on Tuesday, April 18 in James E. Foy Hall at 7 pm.

    Spencer became infamous several months ago for holding a conference where he “railed against Jews and, with a smile, quoted Nazi propaganda in the original German,” according to reports. 

    He said of his talk at Auburn, “I’ll be talking about the alt-right, I’ll be talking about identity and I’ll certainly be taking questions. If this event is anything like my other ones, it is going to be wild.”

    Spencer spoke at Texas A&M in December — an event that was protested by thousands — and said: “At the end of the day, America belongs to white men.”

    Auburn’s Jewish community has spoken out against the event. Lily Buder, Hillel President, said, “We hope that the University and the community condemn this kind of hate being promoted on campus.” Hillel is the Jewish student organization.

    A petition has also been launched to disinvite Spencer from coming to Auburn. Auburn Hillel students are also encouraging people to contact Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, the president of Auburn’s Board of Trustees, to ask her to speak out against Spencer’s visit to campus. Gov. Ivey’s phone number is 334-242-7900 and you can contact her online by clicking here.

    The group responsible for Spencer’s visit to Auburn is claiming to represent white students at Auburn University. The group has placed numerous anti-Semitic fliers around campus over the last few days, according to Southern Jewish Life Magazine.

    The so-called Auburn White Student Union initially used the acronym “WAR EAGLE,” standing for “Whites of the Alt-Right Empowering Auburn Gentiles for Liberation and Enlightenment.” The University said it is looking into trademark and copyright infringement violations, and soon after news of the group broke, the acronym was removed from the website and the site stated “this is not sponsored by Auburn University,” according to Southern Jewish Life. 

    The Birmingham Jewish Federation, as part of our outreach to college campuses around the state of Alabama, is monitoring the situation in Auburn. We have reached out to those involved at Auburn’s Hillel to offer assistance. The BJF also has contacted friends of our Jewish community who are influential at Auburn to ask them to express their concern to the University. 

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