Bham’s LJCC Exec Betzy Lynch Meets With AG Sessions On Security


    Photo is of the delegation that met with Attorney General Sessions on Thursday.

    Birmingham’s LJCC director Betzy Lynch is next to Sessions.


    Bham JCC Director Among Those Who Met With Sessions

    In the wake of a widespread array of anti-Semitic incidents throughout the US, Jewish leaders met Thursday with US Attorney General Jeff Sessions in Washington.


    Leaders from the JCC Association of North America as well as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Jewish Federations of North America and Secure Community Network attended the meeting with Sessions. Also included in the delegation was Betzy Lynch, Executive Director of Birmingham’s Levite Jewish Community Center.  Prior to Sessions’ appointment as Attorney General, he was a US Senator from Alabama.

    JCC Association President and CEO Doron Krakow said in a statement he is “pleased” by the continued engagement from the Sessions-led Department of Justice, the FBI and other federal agencies in maintaining their vigilance against anti-Semitism. 

    “We were gratified to hear from Attorney General Sessions that every incident is significant and won’t be tolerated. We are appreciative that he understands the continued impact these threats have had on Jewish institutions and the role law enforcement can play in helping to prevent further acts of terror,” Krakow said.

    Reflecting on being part of this national delegation, Betzy said,  “As I entered the halls of the Department of Justice Thursday any notion of politics quickly evaporated from my mind.  I was given a unique and incredible opportunity to share the personal story of my JCC’s experience with the top justice official in the US.”

    “When I began my report about the four bomb threats my JCC campus received earlier this year (two at our JCC and two at our Jewish day school), and shared examples of the residual emotions and fear we experienced, I could see in the face of Attorney General Sessions that something that may have seemed like a distant experience became personal,” said Betzy.

    Even though a Jewish Israeli suspect has been arrested regarding the bomb threats, Betzy explained, “I could feel that Attorney General Sessions was hurt by the fact that these acts of hatred were happening in his home state, and happened to all Americans, Jewish and people of other faiths.  Without a doubt, the office of the Attorney General is clearly and openly committed to justice for all victims of hate. With the formation of his new task force, I feel confident the perpetrators of these cowardly acts will be brought to justice.” 

    In America today, anti-Semitic incidents are continuing, including swastikas being drawn on Jewish facilities, the desecration of Jewish graves, Jews being attacked viciously on the Internet, anti-Semitic fliers being distributed in different parts of the country and synagogues being physically attacked. 

    The BJF has launched a special fundraising campaign to enhance security at all Birmingham Jewish insitutiitions and address the concerns that the delegation spoke to Attorney General Sessions about.  To contribute to this special effort, please click the link below. 

    Click here to contribute to the Campaign for Jewish Community Security. 


    Click to learn more about the meeting with Attorney General Sessions. 

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