New Staffing Arrangement Positions BJF To Succeed

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    By Richard Friedman,
    BJF Executive Director

    The Birmingham Jewish Federation is changing. As most in our community know, we have a small staff, so the decision of our Assistant Executive Director Daniel Odrezin to leave to pursue a career in real estate will have an impact on our organization.

    Daniel has been a great employee with many strengths and he will be missed after being with our organization, starting as an intern, these past seven years.

    Meanwhile, our staff has been restructured with various staff people, including me, taking responsibility for different parts of Daniel’s job. I, for example, in addition to my current duties, will take over directing our Annual Campaign which was one of Daniel’s major responsibilities.  Other staff, excited about the opportunity to learn more about fundraising, will work with me.

    As we look ahead, my expectation is that even though we now have one of our smallest Federation staffs in years (5.5 staff people), our impact will grow. Our fundraising has become more diversified, our social media impact is growing, our community planning role is increasing, and our programs are experiencing growth.

    In addition, we are playing a major role in addressing serious and urgent needs such as intensifying anti-Semitic acts within our own country, which has included four false bomb threats targeting our Montclair Road Jewish Community Campus; caring for the well-being of Jews around the world, and fundraising and advocating for Israel on multiple fronts.

    There is much to be done and our staff is motivated, focused and ready and willing to embrace these challenges and whatever else comes our way. They are upbeat, work together closely and reflect an energized “can-do” spirit every day.

    And every single one of us remains grateful for the support and friendship we receive from so many community members. You help motivate us and guide us, and we are grateful to have you as partners during these serious and challenging times. Thank you for your continued support of the BJF.

    Photo is of BJF staff members Lauren Klinner (left) and Samantha Dubrinsky.

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